The Phoenician unleashed


This is totally random, but I had to share it:

Forge World just released its second Primarch miniature from the Horus Heresy, and only one thought cross my mind as I lay eyes upon it:

Got to have it.

Just like Angron before it, the miniature is incredibly detailed and reflects perfectly the decadent majesty of the Phoenician.  Everything had been finely detailed, from the dead legionaries lying at his feet to the beautiful silver sword of the Laer. His power armor is what you would expect from a Primarch, and the term “master-crafted” takes all its significance in Fulgrim’s battle-gear.

I can’t wait to see Mortarion and especiallyHorus, but most of all I can’t wait to order them all as soon as the four will be released.

Glory to the Phoenician !

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