Book Of the Week – Night Lords Trilogy

Everything is in the tittle ! Every week , i will promote a book I’ve read, recently or not !

This week ( and first Book of the week ever ) will in fact be a Trilogy , but believe me you won’t be able to stop once you’ve started. I’m speaking about the Night Lords Trilogy , by the master Aaron Dembski-Bowden .

For those familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe, this story is mainly about a Chaos Space marine , Talos  , and by extension what is left of his former company , the 10th. We follow Talos and his squad , First Claw , as they pursue the Old war against the Imperium that begun 10,000 years before during the Horus Heresy .

I won’t pretend to be good enough a writer to make an extensive review about it , but i will just say that those books are amazing. Dark, fast-paced, every character is a anti-hero in itself and finely detailed.  ADB managed to made me love Talos, a murderer turned super human and even to find him noble at times.  This is a story about heretics, traitors and dishonorable men but still in those dark books you can find tales of brotherhood, loyalty , courage and even romance . Epic fights , breathtaking void battles and furious gunfights will be all over the trilogy .

I’ve read ( almost ) everything from Aaron Dembski-Bowden , and i can say that those three books are a MUST READ for any W40k fan or even any Science-fiction’s fan.  Personally, i won’t exaggerate by saying I’ve already re-read the trilogy a dozen time already, and feel like reading it again writing those lines.

Go to Black Library website and purchase Soul Hunter , and you will see for yourself . Don’t blame me for having to wait a few days before reading the next one  once you’re done with it because you wouldn’t listen to me and order the three at the same time.

Soul Hunter , Blood Reaver , Void Stalkerby Aaron Dembski-Bowden 

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